Friday, May 24, 2013


it's the friday before a 3 day weekend! hallelujah!

here are a few peeks from my instagram this week. it was a good week.

this kid turned 5. which i was obviously thrilled about. i guess his excitement made up for my crying.

we had a fun filled but exhausting weekend. i could tell we all needed a free day to recharge. so we took one. everyone stayed home from school. we lounged on the couch, snacked and watched a lot of the justice league. it was a great day. i did make them clean their rooms later in the afternoon so we were complete slackers.

we made a little trip to the mall where they played with the super cool hand dryers. charlotte most definitely reminded me of an 80s music video. hair blowing, singing loud and proud.

will's cub scout honor court was this week. he joined cub scouts half way through the year and absolutely loves it. it's such a great time for hubby and him.

yesterday my 2 little ones were soooo quiet. and because i'm a mom, naturally that makes me nervous. but there was no mischief! just a lot of quiet play. miracles never cease.

i try to get up every morning before the kids have to be up. key word there is "try". but the quiet time makes all the difference in my day. please help me remember that next time i don't want to get my bootie out of bed.

have a great holiday weekend everyone!

go link ya'll, it's insta-friday.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

why we are homeschooling. wha?


writing this post is slightly scary.
not because i have any doubts about our decision.
because this is a very touchy subject and people have very strong opinions.
who knew?

my heart is simply to share how the Lord brought hubby and i to this decision. this is not a post trying to convince everyone to homeschool. it's not a post to bash public schools. it is only about our family's journey in a new direction.
i will try not to offend anyone. but let's face it, what are the chances of that.
education is a personal choice and whether your children go to public school, private school or you homeschool, i believe we all do what we think is best for our kids.

for the past 5 years {since my oldest started kindergarten} my kids have attended a private classical Christian school.
now before you start thinking to yourself, "oh how nice for those wealthy people. they get to send their kids to a private school" let me clarify a few things.
we are NOT wealthy. we made a decision that this particular school would be best for our kids so we sacrificed to have them there. we don't have a big fancy house or new cars. and we don't go on lavish vacations.
and we wouldn't change a thing. it was worth every dime. it's an amazing school with outstanding academics and  a faculty and staff that love the Lord and strive for excellence for their students and themselves. we loved it. which makes our decision hard for some to understand.

every year as we filled out our paperwork to re-register for school i would pray. pray over the finances. but mostly i would ask that everything would work out for my kids to stay where they were. i never gave any other options much thought.

until this year.
as i was praying over our paperwork i knew the Lord was telling me something different.
i ignored it for awhile. am i the only one who does that?
i told hubby, "i think we are supposed to homeschool."
he was like "wha?!"
the truth is we had some very real concerns. this would mean a huge change in our lives.
after weeks of prayer, the nudging got stronger until i sat up in bed one night and there it was.
i would be homeschooling.

i feel like i could write 20 posts about this {at least}, but for now i'll stick to the "why".

the first reason is simple. i miss my kids. my 2 oldest are gone from 7:30-3 every day. by the time they get home and finish homework it's time for dinner and bed. and this is with very limited extra curricular activities {everyone is allowed 1 activity at a time}.
there was no room  for family time.
and there certainly wasn't room for them to help around the house.
i knew we were all frustrated. but i didn't know how to change it.
when i say this people look at me like "so what if you miss them. kids go to school. that's what they do."
i don't want to bore everyone with history but things haven't always been that way. children haven't always spent the majority of their day away from their family.

second, i feel very strongly it is our responsibility as parents to disciple our children.

train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.
proverbs 22:6

fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.
ephesians 6:4

i'm not going to tell you these verses mean everyone should be homeschooling. but i believe they mean we can. i believe they say God has equipped us as parents to teach our children.
and a harsh thing for me to admit?  i was handing the discipleship of my kids over to the school.
not completely, but more than i am comfortable with.
it's not hard to do when they are learning bible history, memorizing verses and being taught all other subjects from a biblical worldview.
so day after day when i laid in bed and realized we hadn't been in the Word, as a family? we hadn't worshipped, as a family? i told myself it was ok because they did all those things at school. and on sunday, when we were all together at church we would do those things.
but it's not ok. at least not for us.
this is not to say we are going to be reading the bible, meditating on the bible, and singing hymns 24 hours a day.
but we will be doing those things. and we will be doing them together.
those things will not be squeezed out by other, less important, commitments.
we won't be perfect at it. but we will be better. and i'm good with that.

we are taking this year by year. i've always said that but looking back i'm not sure i meant it.
i'm filled with excitement over what we will learn over the next year. i know there will be difficult days but i can't help but feel we are right where we need to be.


Monday, May 20, 2013

love for uganda winner & a thank you


i have to start this post by saying a huge thank you!
the amount of love we have received through item donations, $ donations, and so many of you reposting this giveaway on instagram, twitter & facebook was overwhelming.
bill and i are truly grateful.

i'm so happy to be able to tell you we have met our fundraising goal!
i don't know why i continue to be amazed when God brings everything together.

we can't wait to share the trip when he comes home.
for all of you who entered i hope you know you have helped orphans in uganda in a very tangible way.
God bless each of you.

and now for the big winners!

drum roll please...

set #1
the winner is meredith!

set #2
the winner is kim haag!

Bonus set
the winner is jessica johnson!

congratulations ladies! i'll be sending your email to each giveaway contributor so they can start working on getting your prizes to you.