Friday, February 18, 2011

A Frugal Birthday

A few days ago was W's 8th birthday and luckily for me the kid doesn't have expensive tastes. I think people tend to spend way too much on birthday parties when the kids don't really care about all the hype as long as they feel special. We will be going to the Reagan Library tomorrow with one friend but that is educational and still far less expensive than a party.
Here is how we made him feel special on his big day for very little money. It only took a little creativity...

Here is his chocolate cake. Sorry for all you real baker's out there, this was a box mix that I spent $1.50 on and W loved it!

Who needs a #8 candle when you can use your old 5 & 3 to make a math problem?! Don't judge, it was free people.

He looks pretty happy to me

For the decorating, my dear friend who knows my son well gave me all of her U.S history supplies from her teaching days. I completely decorated his room with them while he was at school and I don't think I've ever gotten a bigger hug. He was soooo excited!

He has everything from "how we elect our President"...

to national monuments...

to copies of the Constitution & The Declaration of Independence (and of course a calendar of his favorite President).

It all turned out perfectly and only cost me a few dollars!

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Sarah beth said...

I agree, ppl tend to spend too much $$ for birthdays! It really is just about making the birthday child feel special and loved! I love the 5 + 3 candle.. my son will be 8 this year and will love that, simply bc its alot of numbers and he is excited about being 8!

{Sarah beth}