Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Laundry Will Be There Tomorrow

As I'm sure many of you can relate to, there is always work to be done. With four little ones the laundry is almost never done and there are little messes all over the house. I do try hard to have things picked up when my hubby gets home so that he is walking into a restful space. I also try to avoid the laundry piling up because it can become a bit overwhelming and I seem to hear a lot of "where is this" and "where is that". 
Yesterday I took the two little ones to the park to play with some friends and due to time N didn't get his nap. This usually makes for a very interesting remainder of the day. While I was getting the house picked up, my hubby surprised me by coming home at 4:00 and so things were not quite as I would have like them. On many days I would probably continue to do my work and because he was home to play with the kids I would use the time to get several loads of laundry done.
At this point I felt a definite nudging from the Lord "snuggle with N". But I have so much to do and now I am freed up to do it. "Snuggle with N. the laundry will be there tomorrow".
I asked my hubby if he wouldn't mind me taking some time to lay down with N in our bedroom. We layed there for 2 hours watching Sprout, talking and at times just snuggling quietly. What a blessing! I pray that I can remember to do that more often. He needs it and I need it.  It was such a peaceful time and it helped us avoid some of the pitfalls that can sometimes come on a day without naps.
What is the Lord nudging you to do?

Who could resist snuggling with him?


Anonymous said...

Sometimes I get so caught up in what needs to be done that I forgot what really is important. Glad you got some snuggling time in. Those moments pass entirely too fast!

{TiffanyMae} said...
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{TiffanyMae} said...

This was an inspiring post, I am so thankful for this wonderful reminder.

Your newest follower, Tiffany @ www.mamassimpleblessings.blogspot.com

The Smiths said...

Thanks for the reminder - that's where I got my blog title from "I'll think about it tomorrow." The Lord has really been nudging me to spend time with my Kids - eye to eye focusing on them, not just being present but active.