Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Getting Everyone Involved

That's a lot of bread and one big bowl of cream cheese!

FYI, add garlic powder, pepper and chives to the cream cheese and let sit overnight in the fridge. So yummy. 

Over the weekend I needed to make 200 hundred cucumber & cream cheese sandwiches for the St. Patrick's Day tea at church. It sounds like a lot but when you have an assembly line as cute as I do it's worth every second. Do you get everyone involved when you have a project to complete? You should try it, it made things quick and a lot more fun!

J's job was to spread the margarine (a thin spreading of margarine on one of the pieces of bread helps everything stick together)...

after I spread the cream cheese mixture my hubby added the cucumbers, removed the crusts and cut the sandwiches into fourths...

I even had crust eaters to cut down on the amount of waste. They really enjoyed their job!

Ok, so she just watched, but how cute is she?

and voila! Ready to go! 

Now a couple tips...

The easiest way to cut the cucumbers is a mandolin. It is so fast and cuts everything into perfectly sized slices.

When the manufacturer says "always use the hand guard", they are serious! And the day of a big event is not the time to find out that your only options are princess or Cars bandaids. That last tip is a freebie for you.

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allison said...

Those sandwiches look really good! And I am glad that I am not the only one wearing Cars bandaids :)

'Becca said...

I have so many good memories of helping my parents do big jobs like this! Preparing bulk mailings was my favorite--I guess there's less of that now that newsletters can be e-mailed.

At my church, when we're having a big event the organizers sometimes decide to do the cooking at the church and invite people to help. It's a special time of fellowship, and my 6-year-old son loves it even more than helping in the kitchen at home!