Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I Am Definitely "along for the ride"

What came in this adorable package you may be asking yourselves?

Just these lovely things I purchased from Laura at "along for the ride"

I know right? Love, love, love!

One of these beauties even saved my traumatic hair day!

Laura has an amazing blog I always look forward to visiting full of fun finds, inspiring words and her love for Jesus. 

Hop on over, get blessed and buy a little something to help your bad hair day.

Along For the Ride


Nikki said...

I love those clips! And I love the name of her shop!

Emily said...

so so pretty! :)

Meredith said...

Super cute in the hair and I like how she wore it tucked into like a belt or something...super creative!

Wendy said...

Seriously, how cute are those!!!

Dandelion's Cottage said...

I love these Jami! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Hugs~

Laura said...

They look gorgeous! Thanks for the great post!

Laura said...

Ok that really should have said "you look gorgeous!"