Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It's Tough Being the Baby

What can I say? It's tough being the baby of the house.

As cute as these pictures are I often tell myself  "I'm just going to switch that load of laundry and then I'll play with C". Sometimes that one load of laundry turns into doing the dishes, cleaning up the bedrooms and returning e-mails and before I know it my little angel has fallen asleep. I admit I have felt guilt over this on more than one occasion, but I'm getting better. I am using much more of a schedule for my chores around the house so I'm not constantly distracted from my primary job, loving these children God has gifted to me.

Go visit Hill's blog and be encouraged!


~Jamie Kubeczka~ said...

Awe, too cute! I used to do the same thing, so don't feel bad. It's hard to manage everything. You will find the balance, trust me. I still have to remind myself about putting things off to spend time with my kiddos. Which is hard for a control freak might I add. lol. Happy Wednesday to you!

Mom2One said...

I do the same thing..... I save so much for nap time it's insane....but it's well worth the time spent with my lil' rugrat. He is so entertaining! =) Love the pictures of your sweet sleeping baby. So peaceful.

Rose said...

So sweet. :-)

Alely said...

the pictures are so super sweet! i love this post...i totally feel the same way. it's so easy to get distracted from the moments you can spend with your loved ones by trying to get that "to do" list crossed off and accomplished. I'm sure its every mom's battle.

hope you are having a loveLee day!

allison said...

Well said.

hill said...

thank you for linking up! isn't it amazing how one "quick" job so easily turns into a thousand not so quick jobs? your little one looks like she's handling it well though. the younger ones tend to more than the older ones (in my house at least!).

Emily said...

These pictures are just too dear! I love them!

It looks like such a rough life :)