Monday, March 28, 2011

Misc Monday- An Unexpected Adventure

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

First, let me apologize that I don't have any pictures to share. I'm not able to get into my house until tomorrow. Let the randomness begin...

1. After I posted my lovely bathroom pictures last week we had a house flood! Crazy, I know! I will have lots of pictures soon so you can feel my pain. We spent 4 nights in a hotel and now are at my parent's while they are out of town. Thank God for insurance, but living out of suitcases is getting old. We farmed out the two little ones to the grandparents while we stayed at the hotel which made things much easier. Tomorrow the clean up should be done and then we start the process of hiring people to put things back together.

2.I'm so thankful to the Lord for being present in this situation. He showed me how blessed
we are to have family close and willing to help us in every way. I can't even tell you how many friends offered us a place to stay, a hot meal and babysitting. There was a time when our current circumstances would have stolen my joy and I would have seen only the inconvenience but God is good. He has grown my husband and I and opened our eyes to His provision.

Some other things I've noticed...

3. My oldest daughter has started this weird habit of standing silently behind me when she
needs something. This results in me turning around to find her staring at me and me nearly having a heart attack. Very creepy! Good thing she is so cute.

4. I am too frugal to have room service even when the insurance is covering it. The cost is ridiculous people, really! There should be a law against it.

5. I may have a small obsession with "words with friends". Have you played this game? I may have to set myself a time limit per day on this one!

Happy Monday everyone!


Ashley Slater said...

Just found your blog and it is pretty adorable. What a gorgeous family you have! SO glad I stumbled upon you :)

Adventures of Newlyweds

Hannah B said...

Wow, I'm so sorry to hear about your house flood! Those kind of inconveniences are never fun but I like that you said, "He has grown my husband and I and opened our eyes to His provision." Amen!

Love your blog! Thanks for the comment on my embrace the camera a while back. Those fried twinkies were to die for!

Melissa said...

oh, so sorry to hear about the flood. you're talking to the queen of frugal so i am right there with you on room service. ridiculous!! hope you are home sweet home soon!

Suzanne said...

My oldest does that too and I know my life has been shortened because of that!!! ;)

thetwistedruffle said...

you know kids do the weirdest things, but i was standing at the redbox on saturday and when i turned around i nearly ran over a kid. i assumed it was one of own 3 but it was some other womans kid. i instinctivly said sorry, but she was super rude. and, i just thought to myself, it was her fault anyway. who lets their kid stand an inch from some stranger? i have at least tried to teach my kids to give people some space!

oh, and michael buble is so good. i just adore him!!!!

i'm also sorry about your flood....i would just cry!

virginiamae said...

Oh, that's awful! It wasn't a happy reason to redecorate. I hope it all goes quickly! I like your blog!

Emily said...

Oh goodness, that is awful!!! suitcase living gets old FAST!!!

hope all works out very quickly for you friend!