Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Yes, I Talk to Myself

Yes, I talk to myself, but I blame it all on the Bubble Guppies...
Have you met the Bubble Guppies?

It's a lovely little educational show that N loves to watch.  This is where I start to worry about myself.  As I was in my bathroom "putting my face on" N was laying in my bed watching the show. In this very riveting episode the Bubble Guppies {who as you can see are mermaids, or merpeople, whatever} were traveling to the moon and the conversation with myself went a little something like this...

Bubble Guppies: "We are on a very important mission to the moon"
Me: "How are they going to the moon? They are mermaids, they can't go to the moon."

Bubble Guppies:"We will need these flashlights for our trip"
Me: "You're gonna need more than a flashlight, you can't breathe out of water long enough to get to the moon"

Bubble Guppies: "Be careful, because there is moon shark and he steals all the flashlights!"
Me: "I'm sure the moon shark is only stealing the flashlights because he is scared of the dark."

By the time I'm done with my face and on to my hair the Bubble Guppies have made a very important discovery...

Bubble Guppies: "Oh, I see! The moon shark is scared of the dark!"
Me: "I KNEW IT!"
And trust me, there was no shortage of pride in the fact that I had figured it out early.  This may mean it's time for some adult conversation, or at least a show with a more mature story line.

And because I can't post without a picture, here's one for ya. This is what N looks like when his last balloon pops. Poor little guy.

And lastly, my friend Casey is doing a giveaway from my shop. Go check it out and while you're there take a looksy at her paintings. She is an amazing artist.




the lowes said...

this made me laugh out loud!! and I just entered the giveaway at Casey's! Thanks!!!

hannah singer said...

you are hysterical!!
also, i may or may not do the exact. same. thing.
bless his heart, balloons are such haters sometimes.

ps had no earthly that you have a shop!

april@gingerbread girl said...

Hello? We could be best friends....my son loves bubble guppies...he now wants blue hair!
And how did they make pizza in the last episode? Or build a building? THEY ARE FISH!!!


Nikki said...

Hilarious! B hates watching shows with me, because I always figure out the ending way before the show is over...I see I'm in good company! ;)

Handbags*N*Pigtails said...

bwahahahaha...I love that you talk to yourself...and admit it! We all do but arent brave enough to talk about it Im sure:)
Just home from the hospital. My big girl was such a trooper(see this mornings post for deets).
Oh and I entered the giveaway at Casey's yesterday. But even if I dont win, I'm still lucky enough to have rec'd a beautiful card from you. Its still on my mantle. Too pretty to put away yet.

Meredith said...

Awww, N's little face! Auntie will get him more balloons. And I'm O.K. with you talking to the fishy cartoon b/c at least it's not more Fox News. J/K

Jessica Johnson said...

we have a guppie fans over here, too. i did NOT miss them the week we were without cable. and fab giveaway! i entered yesterday.

Eisley Rae Clothing said...

We love Bubble Guppies! So cute. You are not the only one who talks to yourself. Oh goodness, I'm SO bad.. when I'm sewing I am constantly talking to myself.. and sometimes, outloud! haha

Kelly said...

Baaahahaha... I talk to myself to... I've never heard of bubble guppies ask me about black opps! O.M.Goodness wishing my guys were little again!

Jessi said...

yep. this is my whole life.
talking to pbs. except, it's usually to myself about them.
Like, "someone should get that kid on sid the science kid checked out. he has adhd".

Laurie J said...

bubble guppies rock around here. half a (blessed) hour to myself! lol

Emily said...

bwhahaha! i so do the same with D-d-d-dora!!!