Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Bloggy Break & Some Friends

I'm taking a little bloggy break friends! We are going to get some much needed family time. Yeah! 
But never fear! I have some amazing guests posts for you to read over the next several days from some very inspiring women. If their posts speak to you, be sure to go let them know.

Today I'm welcoming Rachel from No.17 Cherry Tree Lane. She is amazing. A wife ,momma and follower of Christ. She is genuine, sassy and often makes me laugh out loud. I visit her blog every day because her writing makes me think, it challenges and inspires me. Thank you Rachel!

The smallest are the greatest.
If I were to make a mental list of things I was thankful for,well, it would be long. I'm sure we each could take out a legal pad and fill it with things that are so amazing that we just don't understand how we deserve them. We have all been there and we will all visit that place again. We are overwhelmed with the abundance.
And it's easy to forget, dismiss or glance over the list. The many things. Especially the tiny, small and whispering.
The smallest of blessings.

The small is really the sweetest of all the blessings. Of course, it's overlooked on almost a daily basis, but if you stop...just stop for a second...and look.

Look around.

Even the room you are sitting in. The room that I am sitting in is filled with so much. A table given by a grandmother, a small note from a friend or a scribbled drawing sheet. Two small shoes and a jacket on the stairs. Comfortable couches, books to read and a full refrigerator. A church craft, pink flowers from the garden and dirty plates in the sink.

The small things that we grow so accustomed, are some of the greatest of all blessings.
Without the small things, life would be slightly more blank and somewhat empty.
So, let's wrap our arms around the small.
Let's recognize the tiny.
Let's listen close to all of the whispering slivers of goodness, that are right in front of us.



hannah singer said...

wrap our arms around the small.
recognize the tiny.
THANK YOU. what a great reminder.

Kelly said...

oh i needed this today. with my full sink, and kids who sleep in all morning. why does that make me mad? i'm sitting in a quiet messy house. :-)

Anonymous said...

Have a great time love! Wish we could go, maybe next year! Love you friend xxxooo A.C.

the lowes said...

so good so good....makes me thankful.

Leslie @ top of the page said...

oh my goodness, that last sentence, rachel, is my favorite sentence. love the way you put it. tonight one of my slivers of goodness was seeing an owl on my drive home from an evening meeting!

www.StarHughes.com said...

I am so thankful. Beautiful post - thank you so much for sharing such beautiful thoughts!