Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Say "Hi" to Alyss

My final guest post for this series is Alyss from Oh What a Day it is Today. She may be one of the most honest, funniest women I have ever met. When I visit her blog I never know whether I'm going to wet my pants from laughing or cry at her thoughtful words. She is a wife and Momma to Jude and you must go visit her. You'll be blessed for sure. Thanks Alyss!

If I didn't have a husband, I'd...

Live with my best friend.
Stay up late watching America's Next Top Model marathons.
Go away for the weekend with friends.
Read every night.
Travel internationally.
Enjoy the downtown nightlife.
Take that job in the city.
Have guy friends.
Spend way too much money at Nordstrom.
Workout every night.

If I didn't have a baby, I'd...

Watch a movie. Then watch another one.
Shave more than one leg at a time.
Sport anything other than a ponytail.
Join a book club.
Clean my house.
Sleep past 6am.
Eat a warm dinner.
Wear a bikini.
Finish reading a magazine.
Go away for the weekend.
Have my Masters Degree complete.
Hold a teaching position.

If I didn't have a dog, I'd...

Actually be okay. What?! She bugs.

In some alternate universe, there's an Alyss that's living it up with friends and staying up 'til all hours of the night creating mayhem. And by mayhem, I mean hosting ice cream/pajama/movie marathons or reading a book cover to cover. Her passport is full of stamps. She's a rockin' elementary teacher, already holding her Masters Degree in Education. She's still really close with a lot of her friends from college because she either lives with them or goes away every other weekend to visit them. She's a skinny mini because not only has her body been spared from having the equivalent of a basketball stuffed under its epidermis, but she also has the time to workout consistently. Oh, and her legs are always shaved.

Her life seems ideal. Many people envy it.

But I know better. I know that I am actually the one with the goods.

I'm the one who gets to wake to the sight of a squealing baby reaching out to me as my husband brings him into bed at 6 am. I get a front row seat to watching the wonder and act of discovery displayed in my son's eyes. I get to share my life in the most intimate way with my best friend. I'm the one who has that special someone to cry with and delight with. I get to kiss smooth baby cheeks all I want. And you better believe that I kiss them a lot.

Recently, I experienced the worst feeling in the world. You can read about it here if you'd like. For a brief moment, I thought that this life of mine was shattering. I saw a glimpse of what my life would be like without my son, Jude. In that split second, I thanked the Lord that I was given this life, and not the other. This life of dirty diapers and screaming car rides and unnaturally early mornings. Of leaving parties early and burning all bikinis and sacrificing my career.

Every part of this life is a blessing. Even the baby cries that make you want to pull your hair out. And even the lack of nice things because you either can't afford it after the hospital bills or because your child will ruin it anyways. All of it is lovely. All of it is a blessing. All of it is evidence of the presence of a little life in your household. That is something to be thankful for.

How quickly it could be taken away.

We are not promised a tomorrow for ourselves. Nor are we promised a tomorrow for our children. Please don't become discouraged by the frustrating actions of your children. Discover a way for you to quickly deal with feelings of burden or frustration when dealing with your children. Get past those moments so that you can get back to loving every moment with them. We are blessed to have even one minute with them.



Jess said...

That's awesome! I've imagined my alternate universe life as well. I'd just be longing for this one. I need to remember that more often.

theolivetree said...

great and lovely post!

Mrs. T said...

Great post... I really enjoyed reading this. I am going to have to go to her blog RIGHT now...

Mrs. T said...

((You always have GREAT guest posters! Thanks for sharing them with us!))

Krista said...

This was truly beautiful!

Stephanie said...

Love this post. Everything about it. Such wisdom and truth:)

Tiffany said...

well said, alyss! well said!

ParadigmShift said...

Thank you Jami for having Alyss do this guest post! Just what I needed today. I will be making sure I take extra time to be thankful for my little monkey and to enjoy him that much more.

Rach (DonutsMama) said...

Beautiful as always, Alyss. I've lived in both worlds, and while sometimes I miss the carefree, single me, I'm so so grateful for where I am in life right now with my husband and baby girl.

Hannah said...

I am in love with her! this is so touching and beautiful and exactly what my heart needed to hear/i guess you would say read, technically but you get the idea...

so sweet :) i can't wait to be a mama!

Alyss said...

Thank you for lovely comments! And Jami, love you girl. Thanks for the sweet words.

(You think I'm funny?! Yes! Mission accomplished.)

Anonymous said...

Another beautiful guest post! I'm heading over to her blog now.