Thursday, July 14, 2011

Say "Hi" to Emily

One of the great joys of blogging for me has been "meeting" Emily from Blueberry's Blog. She has such a love for life and a grateful heart. She is an encouragement to me, and I know she will be for you. Plus you have to go read how her blog got it's name. It's the cutest thing. Thanks Emily!

when jami asked me to prepare a guest post i said, "of course!"  then she told me the topic - what i'm thankful for.  and i sat stumped.  just staring at the keyboard.  not because i had nothing to write, but because i had SO much to write. 

i have so much to be thankful for. how do i narrow it down? or should i even try? i felt led in a direction and i decided to go with it. 

i watched a sweet friend get baptized last sunday. a friend who became a christian very recently. this friend lived a rough life, made bad choices, and faces tough consequences.  she came the end of her rope - had nowhere else to turn - and in the pits of her despair she reached for Jesus. and He was there. and she is a new creation.  thank you Jesus.

my own story of faith is very similar. except i had known Jesus my whole life. but i lost my way. a lost soul drowning in a life of alcohol, drugs, and sex. lost, friends. i too, at the end of my rope with nowhere else to turn reached for Jesus and my life has never been the same.

Source: None via Lauren on Pinterest

so today i am simply thankful to have a savior who is with us in the pits of our despair.  who runs to His prodigal daughter with open arms and holds her tight still today.
my prayer is that my life is reflection of my gratitude for this great grace that is bestowed upon me daily.



ZiaMaria said...

beautiful post, thank you for sharing

Marie said...


there is nothing greater to be thankful for.
we will eventually lose all the other things for which we are to death, our health will fail, our home and jobs and provisions will all fade. our salvation is the solitary thing that we have that we will never lose and will follow us from this life to our eternity!

Carly said...

I love this! I had a similar experience and often have this image in my head of running to the Lord and there he stands, a huge being with outstretched arms saying "Welcome home." Our God is so good! His ability to use His son to save us and pull us out of that pit of despair is truly beautiful.
Thanks so much for sharing!

hannah singer said...

amen AMEN.

Alyss said...

Love it Emily. Thanks for sharing.

Kelly said...

emily... i love you.
jami. you picked an awesome group of guest posters. xxO

Laurie J said...

beautiful. God's grace and this post.

Breeann said...

Beautiful post, Emily. I love it...and I love you!!
I, too, am so thankful for the amazing grace of our Savior!

Leslie @ top of the page said...

emily, i LOVE your post. going over to follow you. right now. seen your blog here and there so i think it's about time! so glad you guest posted today.