Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Happy Shopping!

One of the best gifts of this blog world is the handmade shops I have found. I love discovering new things to wear or decorate my home with. My pocket book{yes, I'm 80} may not agree, but buying something I know someone has made with their own two hands using the talents God has given them is a blessing.

This first set of pics are items (or versions of items) I have actually purchased and LOVE. Please go check out these ladies and their shops.

1. camera strap cover from Mel {V} designs
2. fabric necklace from Beaux Bijoux Jewelry
3. fabric earrings from Picking Blueberry's
4. Jeremiah 29:11 print from Naptime Diaries
5. wooden quote sign from Barn Owl Primitives
6. yarn and felt wreath from Sugar Money*bonus: all proceeds from these wreaths go towards this family's adoption.

Now here are some of the things on my wish list, or as I like to say, soon to be in my hot little hands.

1. mini patchwork bunting from the merriweather council
2. Miss Lyndsi necklace from Sunshine and Carousels
3. i love my bed wall art from Three Red Apples
4. fabric flower headband from The Olive Tree Boutique
5. poetry frame trio from The Mandolin Goose
6. custom name pillow from in His grace

Happy shopping!




stefbarcus said...

heart you. Have a great day.... after we get some sleep ;)

danielle @ take heart said...

thank you for including me, sweet friend :)

taylor elyse said...

that "i love my bed" needlepoint has been on my etsy favorites list for months!!!

Ashley said...

i love the frames, i have a thing for frames with a unique shape and detail. everything is so cute!


karen said...

love the custom name pillow. that's been on my list for awhile too!

Heather said...

I 100% agree about supporting people who are using their gifts for God's glory. You are right on. I love your purchases and your picks-- especially that Miss Lyndsi necklace :)

Anonymous said...

I just recently gave into the Etsy craze and I LOVE IT, such beautiful things made by hand...simply amazing. I'm going to check out those shops later!

Kelly said...

i own things from 3 of the first six shops.
love purchasing handmade.
happy shopping! HA.

hannah singer said...

handmade, holla!!
love all these picks...especially those frames and that name pillow! xo

Melissa said...

Love it! I like to think of shopping online as "giving someone a job, so helping the economy". I know, I'm a real world changer.
P.S. I LOOOVE your style! Now I guess I need to go help the economy some more

Jennifer said...

These are great picks! I love that you included Danielle too!

Handbags*N*Pigtails said...

Aint nuttin betta than homemade!:) And guess what? I just made my first ever QUILT! Yes, I did. It was a gift for my sisters baby shower. Now if only I could find the energy to post about it. The colors were raspberry, lime and dark brown. Sounds awful but I wanted to keep it!:) said...

What great finds!!! I'm going to look at each and every one of them :) Thank you for sharing!!!