Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"We Encourage" with Amanda

Happy Tuesday friends!
I want to say a quick "thank you" to all of you who have sent me beautiful e-mails describing how "we encourage" has lifted you up and inspired you. That was my heart behind this idea and I'm amazed every week at the amazing women God brings together. You ALL encourage me!

This week I'm so happy to have a guest post from the lovely and talented Amanda. You must go read her story. It will bless you in ways I can't describe. When I think of a woman "chosen for such a time as this" Amanda comes to mind. 
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Hey y’all!
I would like to start off by saying what an honor it is to be guest posting here at Call Me Blessed. And even more so because today is my favorite day in blogland: We Encourage! Thank you, Jamie, for asking me to be here today.

I’ve recently been thinking a lot about faith. You see, my husband and I are about to take a big, nay, a monumental leap of faith. Tomorrow we will become first time “parents” to three boys whom we’ve known for about 7 years. The boys, ages 10, 11, and 15, have been on our hearts for about seven months, and when a need arose for us to step up and bring them into our home, we knew that is was what God was calling us to do. God asked, and we answered.

That takes faith, you know?

Over the last three months I’ve thought a lot about faith.

And prayed that He will increase my faith.

But you know what, friends. I’m learning that this journey of faith that we’re on, it’s not about how much faith we have. It’s not about how strong our faith is. It’s not even about how well we live out our faith.

It’s about the object of our faith.

The object of my faith is…

all powerful. {the strength of my faith is insufficient}
all knowing. {the amount of faith I have is insignificant}
is merciful. {He forgives me when my faith fails}
the Almighty {I want to dwell in His shadow}
the Most High {I want to live under His protection}
steadfast {even when my faith is weak}
the author and finisher of my faith {I must let Him write and complete the story of my faith}

Friends, let me encourage you: take your eyes off of your faith. And focus your heart and affections on the object of your faith. Our faith will always be imperfect. But the object of our faith is perfect.
I’d love for you to visit me at my personal blog to follow our story. And you can share with me what’s been strengthening your faith recently.

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hannah singer said...

thanks for sharing today.
so thankful, he is faithful even when i am not.
dwelling in his shadow is where i want to be, too.
love this!

Anonymous said...

This morning I recieved some very sad news--this link up couldn't have come at a better time! I needed this. Thank you, Jami. And thank you God for real life friends who bring me coffee to cheer me up when I'm down.

Kelly said...

Fantastic advice!
thanks for this!

Kelli@MoreBangforYourBucks said...

What a pleasant surprise to see you here, Amanda!
Thanks so much for sharing this. You continually challenge my faith!