Friday, November 4, 2011

Insta-Friday - It's a Long One

Here are a few of my favorite moments from this week...

Prepping their Halloween costumes

Hubby was fabulous, woke up with the kids, got the older two off to school. I will say though that seeing baby C set up watching CNBC did give me the giggles. I hope her portfolio is strong.

She loves to help with laundry...

but apparently hates apples.

I saw this at the bookstore. Is there another kind of mom? I've never met one.

It may be time for some new pajamas.

I found this in my bible.

We had a fun day of puzzles.

Is there anything more frustrating than this? I don't think so.

Have a wonderful weekend friends!
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hannah singer said...

cute week!
i should hook up with baby girl, my portfolio needs a boost!
i received that bible as a gift. it's ok. you're right, what other mom is there! ;)
dang puzzle piece imps, they have visited us, too!

love you and miss you. skype soon and i mean it.


Karen said...

What a wonderful gift to find in your bible!!

Erin said...

Ha ha the last picture...that happens all the time with my students....always a piece missing! Really?! :)

Ha ha love the little one watching CNBC :)

Handbags*N*Pigtails said...

Oh my gosh...the last pic? JUST HAPPENED in my classroom. The kids were doing an Olivia the Pig puzzle(the boys, which cracks me up!) and the last piece? Missing, of course!
Hope you've got a carefree weekend planned, my friend. I miss our chats:(

a girl with a smile said...


theolivetree said...

haha my sons pj's look like that no this isn't any other kind of mom!

Anonymous said...

Ack! The high waters are so cute...that's how my sons pj pants are looking these days, too! Growth spurt!! :0)

Love the clown costumes.

Anonymous said...

i just love your recaps :) girls costumes...darling! and baby c in the laundry precious. love you friend! hope you're doing well :)

Flor said...

I love this little look into your life :) {does that sound wierd??}
-I always have a little "helper" at laundry time too..
-I have that bible and it seems to work for me. some of the little notes are good.
-my little boy is outgrowing all his jeans. he came downstairs this morning and I saw a good 3 inches of his socks showing.. thats how short they were! :I

Looks like you had a wonderful week! <3