Friday, December 2, 2011

My Wish


I've been thinking a lot about my kids' relationships lately.

What will it be like when they are grown?
Will they be close?
Will they share their joys and fears with each other.

My wish is that they will be best friends. That they will always be there for each other with love, laughter and sound biblical advice.

I know in this life they will have trouble. There will be difficult relationships, financial troubles, tragedies.
But there will also be great joy, new life and tons of excitement.
I pray that we instill in them how blessed they are to have these siblings. To have people who will understand where they come from.
To have this group who will understand all the ways Hubby and I messed up, but still remember our movie nights and decorating the Christmas tree.

I pray they will call each other out on things, fight and make up. I pray they will laugh and cry together.
I know it won't be perfect...but who wants perfect anyway?




Nikki @ Saving For A Rainy Day said...

I have the same hopes and dreams for my 4-I have 2 of each as well.

I am the oldest of 4 myself....... I wish I could say we are close but we are not :(

Angel said...

Me, too, Jami! I pray for it all the time and intentionally talk to my kids about being good friends to each other. Beautiful post and you have beautiful children!

hannah singer said...

yes! joining you in this prayer for our children! so important. miss your face.


Darcie said...

Now you've got me thinking about my kids and the future.
I used to fight with my little brother a lot, now were best friends.

Heather @ we.are.the.holdens said...

Oh Jami this is my wish too. Love this post about your sweeties.

theolivetree said...

oh boy...don't all mother's?! I pray daily for my children's future spouses, godly friends in their lives, and that they would always remain close w/ siblings

Katie @ minivan diva said...

What a beautiful prayer for your kids. It is my prayer too, that my boys remain close in proximity and in the relationship with one another.Have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

I got goosebumps reading this...what a great prayer for their future. They are so cute, too! :)

Anonymous said...

this spoke straight to my mama heart!

Marie said...


i echo your prayers and your heart for my own littles.

Erin said...

Love this sweet prayer and wish for your children! :) The bond between siblings can be such a beautiful blessing and can fill our lives with such joy! I truly think that you have to instill the importance in the minds of young children and I know you are doing an amazing job at that. Your family is the sweetest! :)

Not Hip Enough To Blog said...

This is a beautiful post. Your kids are gorgeous!

Kendra said...

haha, love the last picture! Just stumbled across your blog. newest follower!

Krista said...

What beautiful babes :) They are surely blessed to you have you guys for parents!