Tuesday, December 6, 2011

We Encourage - Enjoy the Memories

Christmas gets me very sentimental. I have so many wonderful memories growing up. If I had planned ahead I would have had some embarrassing photos for you. Sorry, maybe next time.

This time of year can get very hectic. Lots of parties with friends, classroom parties, Christmas dinners and gift exchanges.

When it feels too hectic I like to go through old photos and remember Christmas mornings past.
It calms my heart.
It fills my heart.

Thanking God for the wonderful memories he has given my family makes it easy to enjoy the Christmas season and all the fellowship that comes with it.

I know for some of you, Christmas is a painful time. For you, I encourage you to create your own new memories. Find your joy in the Lord, in the hope that Christmas brings.

I pray this season brings you family, friends and much joy!

And if all else fails...go through some old pictures!




hannah singer said...

yes. i'm sentimental, too!
so grateful for the gift of memory. reflecting on these things is a JOY.

LOVE you.

girl willow said...

So true! Going through old pictures...reflecting on memories and times passed it can be healing and encouraging. Thanks for sharing :)

Anonymous said...

love this! i'm always sentimental around Christmas time too. thanking Jesus for you friend. love you!

theolivetree said...

jamie...very sweet reminder that Christmas isn't always the easiest for some! Love your ideas!

the lowes said...

love that you put up those sweet pics...and such a good reminder. For me, especially being 9 months pregnant which I have been 2 of the last 3 Christmas seasons, I tend to overdo in "preparations"...it's like God knows I need to be pregnant during this season to try and slow me down! haha :) Love to you friend!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

What wonderful pictures! I love the tint you chose for them. My son would love the antlers.

Angel said...

Such fun photos! My family laughs at how sentimental I am, but I know they love it because they jump right in when I start reminiscing.

Handbags*N*Pigtails said...

Funny that you say to look back through old pics. I was just doing that and seeing my girls as tiny things on Christmas morning made me well up. This growing up thing they're doing is so hard for me lately(and seems funny to say that when theyre only 6 and 8, but still).
Im wishing that we werent all the way across the country and could celebrate together. I miss you:(