Sunday, February 5, 2012

No More Ear Infections

If I make that the title of my post it will come true right?
Well, it was worth a shot.

Remember last week when I said I would get back to posting more regularly and then that didn't happen? Here's why...

The week started off something like this.

Am I the only one who's kids get sick after hours? No one ever gets sick on a Monday at 10. They are lucky they're so cute.
Friday night at 5 I look at N and his eyes are bright red with some very attractive goop coming out of the corner. My friend says, "that might be pink eye". Greeaaaattt.
So off to the after hour care at Kaiser.
The ear infection. Lots of anti-biotic and eye drops in our future.

Then a few days later, miss C starts acting less than her happy magnificent self. I'm hoping a little motrin and a lot of snuggling will take care of it. Call it wishful thinking.
But when does it get really bad?
Around noon on Saturday. Yes Saturday. No not Monday. Saturday.
Again, here we go to the after hours care.

Yes, I took her to see the doctor in her jammies. Sue me. I would like to add here that there should be a rule that all babies are seen right away. Do they have any idea how quickly this slumber could have turned into a screaming fit? I'll consider us all lucky that didn't happen. Being in the waiting room for an hour when you also have an ear infection will do this to you. Poor baby.
Clearly, there is more anti-biotic for us the rest of the week. They both seem to be on the mend so all should be back to normal this week. That is until the next thing happens.

On the positive, C's hair is now long enough for pigtails! Holla!

I have already ordered some fabulous bows for her, not to worry.



Breanna Hohenstein said...

Hope they get better soon :)

Erin said...

aw poor sweet babies! :( hope they are feeling better now :)

Amanda said...

I'm back! They finally got WiFi at my work! We missed you yesterday at Aiden's party. Glad miss C is feeling better ;)

katygirl said...

I hate ear infections!!! They are the worst. :(

Also...I had a dream last night that you invites me to a bunch night. True story. I think I dozed off reading blogs in bed so that might be why but you lived in a condo. That's all.

hannah singer said...

love you. hope y'all are better now, go away sickies! i may have taken elijah to the doctor in pjs. a few times. no judging here, mama. xo

Handbags*N*Pigtails said...

Awww...for sickies and for piggies. Re-send me your addy and I'll send her some bows:)
xo Miss you!