Monday, March 26, 2012

A Date & Some Treasures

Hi! Remember me? I got my computer back. {I'll pause for a moment of applause}

I think we are all aware I have 4 kids. It can make it difficult to spend one on one time with them if Hubby and I aren't very intentional about it.
Alone time is super important to my oldest. He's a thinker, likes quiet {something that is absent from this house} and I think he sometimes feels trapped in this crazy household.
Let's face it, who doesn't feel that way from time to time.
When I had the chance to sweep him away for a mini date I jumped on it. 

Louis Zamperini was coming to speak at school so I decided to take W with me. Louis was great, but that was not the best part of the evening.
{did I mention when I upgraded my phone software I lost all my contacts and 600 pics of my kids? I may or may not have cried, and now you are stuck with screen shots for today.}

This was the best part. A Starbuck's homework date. We sat and had snacks together. He did homework, I memorized song lyrics. A perfect afternoon. I love this picture of him. I think it captures him so well. my sweet little man.

Later in the week I got some time to myself {thanks Mom} so of course I headed straight to the antique store. Groceries can wait.
I picked up these little treasures that I think I could stare at all day. Is that weird?

bits of splendor monday

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Kelly said...

are your treasures jadite? i love me some jadite. regardless they are totally and i'd stare at them all day if they were mine too!

hannah singer said...

not weird at all. i think you've got ME staring at them all day! sweet finds!

love you xo

Lora said...

those antique goodies are just gorgeous! love the color. :) and i love that photo of your boy too - he reminds me of my benjamin. said...

Oh my, did you go to the Antique Mall over by Montasia? That place is great. Love you friend!

Simply Domestic said...

I love your antique goodies! Good for you for taking one on one time with your son. It can be so hard with us busy moms!

Nessa Bixler said...

Look at those goodies - and alone time with your son. That is a great photo of him.

katygirl said...

I want the salt shakers.

Bailey Jean said...

Your blog is so lovely! I adore your header. Goodness! And look at that sweet little guy. It looks like I'll be taking my little brother on a homework date to Starbucks next time I'm home. So fun! And those finds are spectacular! I want to shop where you do.

Bailey Jean

Star@PeaceLoveCountry said...

Awww I am so glad to be back in the blogging world after reading this post!!! Your site makes me so happy! I love all the beautiful pictures - those antiques are gorgeous. That is my favorite color right now. I'm happy to hear you're doing so well!

XO Star @ PeaceLoveCountry

Kyla Makay said...

So sweet.

Stephanie said...

I just bought some vintage salt and pepper shakers in that exact color on Etsy! Waiting for them to arrive :)

Your date with your boy looks and sounds like it was divine. Love all the stuff going on with that.

I am SO sorry about you losing your pics! That is a big time bummer!!! :(