Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"we encourage" - Don't Miss the Blessing


I love serving others as a family.On Easter night we got to do just that.
Our church works with an organization called Family Promise.
Local churches house homeless families while they look for work and get back on their feet.
Each night there has to be a host who stays overnight at the church.
In the past Hubby has done this on his own usually with our boys. It was sorta "his thing".
This time we were short on volunteers and Hubby asked if I would do it with him.

I'll tell you a secret...I didn't want to do it.
I mean I REALLY didn't want to do it.
Mostly it seemed inconvenient.
I am hosting Easter at my house and we are leaving for vacation the next day. How am I supposed to do all that?!
Of course I instantly felt horrible over my selfishness and reluctantly agreed to do it.
And as God does, He used that night to open my eyes and to bless me.
We were housing 3 families.
All single mothers.
Among the kids were a teenager and a 6 month old.
But what really humbled me was the mother who was at the hospital delivering her baby that night. She would spend 2 days in the hospital and then come to our church because she has no where to live.
I can't imagine it. The overwhelming feeling of having no where to take your baby.
I never got to meet her. We came back the next day to deliver our pack n' play. A small thing, but I hoped it would make things more comfortable for her.
I haven't stopped thinking about her and I don't even know her name. But I think about and pray for her and her precious newborn. I pray that she felt the love of Jesus through what these volunteers were doing. I pray she has not lost hope.
I found myself feeling sad. Not for these families without a home. I am confident the Lord will provide what they need through His people and they seemed confident of it too.
Sad that I almost missed it.
I almost missed the opportunity to bless someone I would never meet.
I almost missed the opportunity to be shown in very bold terms all the ways I have been blessed in my life.
I am thankful to my Hubby for quietly leading me down the right path and to my God for allowing me to be a small part of the work He is doing.
Be careful. Don't miss out on the blessings He might have for you.



Ferial Trammell said...

Such a great reminder, Jami! I love that second to last line, "I am thankful to my Hubby for quietly leading me down the right path and to my God for allowing me to be a small part of the work He is doing."

hannah singer said...

such good lesson here, familiar too :(
praise jesus for attitude adjustments, fresh chances to serve AND good hubbies!

love you xo

katygirl said...

Love this girllllllll. Proud of ya.

theolivetree said...

What a great cause! What a great example for your girls :)

Meredith said...

Glad you didn't miss it! I just learned at the end of our week hosting Family Promise that kids could come; had no idea. What a great way to serve as a family! : )

Heather @ we.are.the.holdens said...

Love this jami. And I so relate to every part of it. Love you.:)