Monday, April 23, 2012

"we encourage" - We Did Wha?!

Interesting title for a post right? 
Here's the thing. About a month ago we cancelled our home phone. For the most part the only calls we were getting on it were from sales people {boooooo, I know they have to make a living, but still, booooo}.
And for all you worry warts out there you can still dial 911 from a land line even without phone service. I don't quite understand how, but you can.

Then on Saturday we did something I never thought we would do. 
We cancelled cable!
I know.

Here's how this miraculous turn of events happened.
I gave up watching news for lent. I was wasting way too much time with it, it was depressing and I think becoming somewhat of an idol.
Wow, saying that sounds completely ridiculous. Yet still true.
I really felt the Lord nudging me to give it up.
Once I gave up watching news I realized the TV is hardly ever on.
I know!

So Hubby agreed {maybe slightly reluctantly} and now we are a cable free home.
I definitely felt "lighter" once it was gone. No pull to watch some time wasting show. 
Truthfully I don't know how I ever had time for it. I'm finding there aren't enough hours in the day to do the things I truly need and want to do.
And I haven't found Hubby curled up in the fetal position somewhere {yet}.
More time in the Word.,
More time being present with my kids.
Hopefully more conversation with Hubby.
More reading.
More crafting.
The possibilities are endless.

I tell you this to encourage you that even things that may seem uncomfortable at first can be a huge blessing. If you are feeling a "nudge", listen to it. Don't wait for it to smack you in the face.

And not to worry, we do have NetFlix.

PS: does anyone have any thoughts on Hulu they would like to share? Considering that too.



Brooke @ Covered in Grace said...

Good for you!!
We got rid of cable in the middle of 2009. Haven't had it since. I can tell's been so nice. We do have Netflix, too. (And, unfortunately, we have been watching waaay too much of it lately. It can become just as enticing, if not more so, as cable.) But...I will say that with out cable, the stuff we have been watching has had so much more substance than the junk that I used to fill hours and hours with.
Anyways... we got rid of house phones then as well, or rather, we just never started one back up when we moved.
I think more people should jump on the cable-free bandwagon. =)

Anonymous said...

Wow! I love this.
A few years back a gorgeous little girl in Melbourne died after being thrown off a bridge by her father because she was whining in the car, after investigations the police found that the little girl was so scared when her dad pulled over that she soiled herself. Ever since seeing that on the evening news ( about 4 years ago) we havent watched the news. It really affected my husband and I. Recently he has watched the news on a few occasions and I feel instantly sick. I applaud you. There is so much good to see in the world but we need to stop focusing on the bad.

Bethany said...

We haven't had cable in years! I think after a while you won't miss it at all. We have netflix and I watch my favorite shows on hulu (just on the internet…I don't have it streamed to my TV), and the hubs can still watch major sporting events on TV. It's a blessing not to be tied down by it! You'll love it eventually…and I'm all for saving money!!

Shanda said...

Good for you. I've tried but my husband won't go for it. I hate it that when he or my sons are home the TV is always on.

tracy said...

my husband and i gave up cable about a year ago. we couldn't justify the $80+ we were spending each month to watch crap. we have netflix and hulu plus. we like hulu to watch shows we aren't able to watch in real time or dvr (since we don't have tivo). the $16 we pay for both is totally worth it! good luck! we have found that we hardly have time for tv anymore.

Stephanie said...

That is awesome girl! You won't regret it. We didn't have cable either when the girls were young and like you said....there were so many other things we did instead of being glued to the tv. PLUS....they didn't see commercials so it helped in their contentment with wanting new toys and stuff. We eventually got a christian satellite called Sky Angel when the girls got older. And sadly today, we have the whole enchilada! I would love to cut it off again. You have inspired me girl! if I can convince the rest of the Holdens! :)

Kara @ Just1Step said...

We do not have cable either - we never have - and we just use Hulu and an antenna to get a few channels. Hulu works very nicely, I think, and there are even ways to hook your computer up to your TV so you can watch it on the big screen. :)

The Arizona Russums said...

Yes! I haven't had cable since college and I pretty much love it! TV takes up almost none of my time and I feel blessed by that!

hannah singer said...

go girl! we don't have landlines and we don't have "tv" either. netflix, dvds or nothing:)

it's a beautiful thing, that redemption of time!
press on, cutie, love you AND your heart for HIM.


Mary said...

we're right there with land line, no cable and that's the way we like it! :)
lots more time for reading books together as a family and spending our time creating/being able to serve others better, too.

adventures with 4 under 4 said...

You'll love it! We go through phases when we do the same. It's so nice to unplug! (Although I should warn that your phone may become more addicting.) in fact we are thinking about doing it again come summer time.

Esther said...

congratulations! huge step! we were cable free for the first 2.5 years of our marriage. not sure if you have this set up but what we did was plug an extra laptop to our tv and watched hulu. it was a great set up since we could still feel like we were watching tv but for free!

i enjoy having (basic) cable. God knows i wouldnt leave the tv room if i had discovery, tlc, and the national geographic channels. yet i have to say that i think it's often a waste of time and a hugeeee distraction. i believe that eventually we'll go back to being a cable free home. for now, having some shows to watch has been a huge blessing while nursing babies.

Krista said...

We're doing Hulu! The cable will be totally gone once our contract is up in another month but I think it will be a good thing :) Congrats on the big step!

Laura@Splendor said...

cable free going on a year now too! you won't even miss it, promise. our kids spend a whole lot more time playing together and using their imaginations then glued to a tv, which was one of the biggest reasons we said adios!

Jessica Johnson said...

super want to kick TV to the curb, too. but Dave might die from sports withdrawals. like literally. so, for now, it stays. and everyone i talk to LOOOOVES hulu.

Alyson @Eisley Rae said...

Good for you!! We've never had a home phone for the same reasons as you. And, we got rid of cable last August. Best decision ever. We do have netflix and hulu. They're both awesome. We certainly don't watch as much tv as we used to, but the option is there still. Hulu really is great. We have hulu plus too and can basically watch anything. Congrats!

Kelly said...

good for you! that's awesome!

hulu IS t.v. almost every show you want to watch is on hulu. but here's the thing they only have the last 7 shows that have aired available to watch. as far as shows for kids i really don't know.

katygirl said...

Love this! We canceled cable too a while back and I am so grateful. Also, now you have more time to draw.

Julie Marie said...

i am just now getting a good chance to look through your blog.. with all the blogs out there, its hard to keep find out what i love, what i want to link up with etc.. but i love this link up... one of the niches of my blog is encouraging... so this is wonderful way to connect.. so awesome and excited to connect more in the future. =)

Julie Marie said...

aw well i was trying to link it to a specific post i did this week about relying solely on God, but i guess it only linked to my most recent post..which isnt realy encouraging.. lol.. ooops.. next time..

theolivetree said...

I get very bored with t.v. ... I am not sure I could do with out is very hard to find shows for small children that also have appropriate commercials.

p.s. I might be the only person who does not have netflix...!?

Nessa Bixler said...

Hooray! We did it last October and haven't looked back. It was even easier than we thought it was going tobe.

Rachel said...

When we moved into our house over a year ago we never got a landline or cable/sattelite. I regretted it for awhile, but now I don't ever see the need to have it. We have Netflix too and are quite into documentaries- because we are dorky like that. I find more time to read and garden and just talk with the hubby. Can you believe that? Sitting around talking without the boob tube!? Who knew!