Monday, May 7, 2012

"we encourage" - Quiet Time For Kids

Today is more of a question really.
I'm wondering how your kids do their quiet time with the Lord, if they do.

We have mostly done Family devotionals during dinner time.
Recently we thought we would try letting them have an actual "quiet time".

The same way that Hubby and I do it. Reading quietly to ourselves. Meditating on the word, maybe journaling.
I realize they do not have the same capacity for this endeavor as I do but I feel a need to impress upon them the importance of spending one on one time with God.

I was thinking about the difference it makes in my day to set that time aside. In the Word. By myself.
I want them to experience that. That peace.
Initially I wanted to wake them up 10 minutes earlier in the morning and have them do it then. 
Hubby said I should re-think that.
Let's just say mornings in our house don't always go smoothly. So I'm am going to think on how I can make this happen. But for now, we are trying it at night before bed. 
We all read from the same book of the Bible and the kids can ask questions, but for the most part it should be quiet.
And of course, sometimes it looks more like this...
We try.

How do you do quiet time in your house?

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Brooke @ Covered in Grace said...

This is so good.
Honestly, I haven't stressed quiet times with my girls.
But we do a lot of praise and worship and dancing and talking to and about Jesus together.
The quiet times are so important though.
That's something I am going to have to pray over.

michelle @ this little light said...

The Boy finds it physically impossible to be quiet unless he's asleep, but we do read his bible stories together and enjoy singing along with our VBS CD's in the car! Quiet time, at this point, is something I aspire to!

Kyla Makay said...

That is wonderful, and oh so encouraging. I wish my Mama would of instilled that in me long ago!
Keep it up!
♥Ky said...

Jami, we do our quiet time right before bed. We all get into our bed and we either do Bible trivia or read from the picture Bible. It really mellows them out.

Love ya!

Heather @ we.are.the.holdens said...

Love that you're doing this with your kiddos and the pics of them having their quiet time. Such a great gift your teaching them.:)

theolivetree said...

hmmmm...great question! Mine are all little and not in school so I don't think there is any form of quite

However I think living a daily example is the best way! We pray before meals and bedtime...we pray for each other when someone is hurt. Music is almost always christian based and last our kids listen as my husband and I read the word...

I love your idea about daily quite time and journaling! I also like the idea before would help prepare them for the

Jess @ Colorful Ones said...

Mine is in Kindergarten and just now able to read. Up until now, we've just prayed at bedtime and meal times (and when the need or desire arises throughout the day) ... plus we read Bible stories and sing Bible songs and such... but we've never really done an actual family or child-centric devotional... if anyone has suggestions that are good for Kindergarten-aged girls, I'd love to know!

hannah singer said...

jami, yes YES. this is great.
i didn't become a christian until later in life, but the times that my parents "made" me have a quiet time really were instrumental in my conversion later. truth.

my dad would give us little booklets he made. like a bible study workbook type deal. according to our ages we'd have questions on a passage.
as a family we'd work through passages together.
and on our own we'd read a verse or a few each night. and have a question about the passage to reflect and pray on. or the little ones could have it read to them and have them draw a picture if what they heard.

i think it's great what y'all are doing. the lord will bless this!!!
remember that weight is better than length. love the ten minute plan. you want to keep them encouraged about it, you know?

Julie Marie said...

this was so inspiring. ive been sorta looking to the lord myself on how i can encourage my kids in him...
i love the idea of a "quiet time" with God.. its not just for me, its for the children God has given me to train up as well. thanks girl =)
yay, i finally linked up!!