Monday, May 14, 2012

"we encourage" - To My Kids


I promise to love you exactly the way God made you.
I promise to nurture your unique qualities, and not try to fit you into a "box" you don't belong in.
I promise to make you each feel special, because you are.
I promise to let you make mistakes. And to help show you how God can reveal himself through those mistakes.
I promise to give you consequences. To help you learn God's guidelines are there because He loves you.
I promise to support you in your passions and not make you feel that it is a burden.


I promise to laugh with you. To enjoy you and our lives together while I have you under this roof.
I promise to hold you when life is hard and rejoice in your victories.
I promise not to worry {too much} about the messes and let you explore.
I promise to really listen to your feelings and then show you how to operate in God's truth instead.


I promise to love your Daddy. To respect him and follow his leadership of our family.
I promise to show you what a loving committed marriage looks like.
I promise to make it clear that without God, I can do nothing. I am not super mom and I will make mistakes. But I will apologize when I'm wrong and show you grace when you are wrong.


I promise to point you to God at every turn.
I promise to show you that Christ is at the center of my life.
I will show you the importance of serving others, of loving others and of forgiving others.
I promise to pray for you each and every day. To pray for your future spouses.
I promise to write God's word on the doorposts of this house.

I promise that you are each the apple of my eye. That I am still in awe God entrusted you to me.
I promise to trust God with you.
I am humbled by this job of being your Mom and I promise to pour everything I have into each of you until it is your time to fly.

With my whole heart,



carina@a punk, a pumpkin and a peanut said...

love this letter, jami! what wonderful promises for your children. love you!

Amanda said...

I love this! Your children will cherish this someday. What a beautiful post. :)

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theolivetree said...

They are so blessed to have a mama like you!

Kelly said...

you are such an amazing mother jami.
xxO said...

Darn you Jami, you made me cry. I will have to print this out & read it to our boys. Thank you for this today. Cause this momma hasnt been doing this.

Love you!

Krista said...

So beautifully written! And those photos of your kids are absolutely lovely. Such sincere happiness in their eyes!

katygirl said...

Love this girlfriend...;)

kaylee@life chasers said...

This is a-mazing. Made me cry. You are an incredible mom.

Heather said...

your photo's are beautiful. your post is beautiful! :)

Laura@Splendor said...

love these promises. love this!

hannah singer said...

beautiful. praise jesus for your heart toward him. a perfect mama for those sweeties! xo

Pamela said...

This was so nice! Thanks for posting it.

BARBIE said...

What a beautiful letter to your children.

Nicole said...

Wow. I needed this today. So glad I found your blog