Wednesday, August 29, 2012

An Impractical Wish & a Recipe

Sometimes I get these ideas in my head.
The ones that seem so fun and great.
And then Hubby gets ahold of them.

Here's the latest...
                                                                         Source: via Jami on Pinterest

I want one of these. Like, a lot. I mean c'mon, could they be any more awesome?!
                                                                                 Source: via Jami on Pinterest

So I very seriously told Hubby I want this to be my next car.
I think he tried to humor me for a second.
Then he started in with "do they have air conditioning? I don't think they are very safe. That thing could never get us to anywhere that we had to drive uphill. Does it seat enough?"
Now of course I don't know the answers to any of these questions.
I have done absolutely no research.
So for now I'll just keep day dreaming about owning one and being thankful I have a Hubby who is a bit more practical then I am.
PS - If you know the answer to any of those questions, let me know. I haven't completely given up on this yet.

Moving on...

Earlier in the month my girl Hannah posted her chicken salad recipe.
I hadn't made it in a long time and she inspired me.
I've made mine a couple times since. I make it in the morning when I know we have a busy day and use it for a quick dinner.

Chicken salad is the simplest thing ever.
I boil and shred 4-5 chicken breasts. This feeds 6 of us for dinner and leaves me leftovers for lunch the next day.

Then the fun part...
I add dried cranberries, red onion, celery and sliced almonds.
After I mix in the mayo {no measurement here, just however you like it} I season it with salt, pepper and paprika.
And because I'm weird, I will only eat it on a kaiser roll with potato chips on the side.
Anything less would just be wrong.



Kelly said...

jami. if you got the bus you could completely redo it and add enough seats, air co, and a brand new engine. ;)

that chicken salad looks good.

Esther said...

i want one of those too... i dread being aminivan mom so a VW van, in my similarly impractical mind, would be the perfect solution. i have also requested a vintage VW bug to be my vehicle in my old age. Phil is actually on board for the latter.

Cory said...

AHHH a VW van is my dream car! There was a completely restored mustard yellow one for sale in our town a year or so ago & I was obsessed. I think I stopped & looked at it 15 times. I told my hubs & called my dad almost everyday begging someone to buy it for me.
It's not in my driveway. Ugh.

christina said...

love chicken salad ... ever tried it with apples in the mix...yum! I love to just scoop it up with the chips :)

I am so trying cranberries the next go around!!

vintage grey said...

Love those VWs!! So sweet! Thanks for sharing a yummy recipe! xo Heather

karamurano said...

I just told my hubby that I wanted a vw van!
and chicken salad. mmm

karamurano said...
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Allison Petro said...

Toasting the almonds is also delicious and I add fresh tarragon to mine as well. You've inspired me to make a batch today!

Meredith said...

B said you want that car to be like Fillmore in Cars. When teaching me to drive my dad made me promise never to get behind a VW bus because they don't go over 35 mph!!

Marie said...

eeek! ok, so my sis in law had a vw van. she never made it 20 miles without breaking down! and...her dad is a master mechanic (as is her brother, my hubby:) and let me tell you with the engine being smushed up into the rear, it is near impossible to work on. people will steal your giant vw emblem on the front ALOT, and the parts are specialized, hard to find, and extremely pricey.
HOWEVER, they are so much fun!
she still has it and dreams of having a limitless supply of $ to keep it running!

anyway, your chicken salad? looks amazing! and the way your eat your? the exact way i prefer mine:) kaiser roll and chips, please.