Tuesday, August 28, 2012

"we encourage" - New Thoughts On No TV

Well it's been 4 months since we did away with our cable.
Were you wondering if we'd survived?
Guess what?
I love it!
The jury is still out on Hubby. He really misses his HGTV. And I do feel a little bad about that.
Just not bad enough to get cable again.
Here's a perfect example why...

This boy already has a slight case of boy-itis.
me - "how was your day?"
him - "fine"
me - "what did you do?"
him - "nothin"

But things are changing.
I'm less distracted. I don't have the TV on in the background waiting for some breaking news that I can't live without knowing right that second.
Being less distracted means I can focus all my attention where it should be. On God and my family.
When I picked W up from school the other day we had a ton of great conversation.
I truly believe it's because he knows I'm really listening. 
I'm not divided.
I heard so many details about his day. How he felt about things. What his expectations are for the school year.

This alone is worth it to me.
It's worth taking some extra time at night to read articles so I know what's going on in the world.
It's worth being completely out of the loop with the newest TV shows.
And it's worth not knowing which "real housewife" hates who this week.

Of course I don't think everyone should get rid of their TV. I just know myself. I wasted a lot of time on it. I didn't use very good self control with it and it took time from things I "said" were priorities.
I don't want to be the type of woman who says what's important to her or what she believes and then not live it. This is just one way I'm keeping myself on the right path.

What are some things you do to live what you "say" your priorities are?

I never would have imagined living in a house without 400 channels.
Now I wouldn't have it any other way.

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.
Matthew 6:21

I would suggest to you that just as Matthew talks about where our treasure is, we should also consider where out time is.



Mama Bear said...

One of the things I was thinking about for our upcoming move is television. Since all things will be new anyway, why not leave TV out of it as we create a new routine? Here's hoping!

Bethany said...

Our family hasn't had cable in over 4 years. It's weird to think about, but I think the only thing my hubby misses is ESPN, other than that…we don't notice at all!

Stephanie said...

I knew you were gonna be blessed girl! I love hearing of the things the Lord is doing in your beautiful heart girl. GOOD stuff!! xoxo

Our Family of Four said...

I could totally do away with the cable, but my husband would die. He lives and breathes ESPN, which I hate by the way!

Rachel said...

We have been without cable for almost 2 years now. At first it was hard, but now it's no biggie. In fact when we go to someone's house who still has cable, I feel overwhelmed! Like sensory overload. We do have netflix, but we feel like we can be picky about what we watch and filter out the junk. It's hard though, those darn housewives have such a strange pull! Ha! Love reading your posts and following you on IG :) Have a great day!

katygirl said...

It's easy to have no tv when all you do is watch zac efron in movies. Also, there is an hgtv app that has a lot of shows. I don't have cable either and I gt like 3 channels and I love it. And you. I love you more than my 3 channels.

Becky [Apples of Gold] said...

Good stuff! When we got married a few years ago we made the decision to not have cable, which I think was one of the best things we've decided on together. Of course, there are many other ways to become distracted (internet, cell phone... etc) which I've been working on personally, but not having cable is one of those things that helps SO much when it comes to quality time.

Krista said...

We got rid of cable too and I love it! We do still have 1 kids channel that comes in that the boys watch so maybe that's cheating a little bit but I can't say I miss the rest at all!

Marie said...

i knew that you would love the change! we love it too:) it's been 5 years and we've never looked back! the funny thing is...i get asked often how i have time to run a home, 2 home-based businesses, and homeschool 3 littlies...i think this is the key for me. no more stolen minutes!

Flor said...

{i missed this post when you originally posted it, darn,}
i loved this part in your post: "I don't want to be the type of woman who says what's important to her or what she believes and then not live it. This is just one way I'm keeping myself on the right path"

YES!! totally agree with you.
and we got rid of our cable earlier this year. we did get netflix for movies and that's about it.
at the end of the day, i would curl up on the couch (bc i was just so tired) and watch mindless tv. i realized after a while that i was always so stressed out trying to finish projects because i wasn't using my time wisely at night. loved your post! xoxo