Monday, September 10, 2012

Her Desk

Yay! Another finished project!
I think I mostly like to put these on the blog so someday I can show my kids that I really did finish things.
We re-did the girls' room awhile ago and spent months looking for the perfect desk for J.
The budget was tight and I was having a hard time finding just the right thing. 
But we decided to be patient {which is not the easiest thing for a 7 year old girl}.
Over the Summer when I took a little weekend trip to the OC to visit with some friends we walked into a consignment shop and there she was.

The desk.
Several phone calls to Hubby and a day later I bought it.
True to form for me, I bought a desk 2 1/2 hours away from home without a way to transport it.
Surprisingly no one was bothered by this.

the next day I loaded all 4 kids into the car, drove 2 1/2 hours, loaded the desk into my car, by myself {I am woman, hear me roar}, turned around and drove 4 hours home{stupid traffic}.

And it was worth every minute.
Here is J's little work corner.


The scripture prints are by my dear friend Aly.
The little dress, hangers, clipboards and yardstick were all bought at the Irvine flea market.
I'm seriously in love with that little dress, IN  LOVE.
The "shine" artwork on the top shelf was a gift from another sweet friend {I'm a blessed lady}. 

The little tins are from the Target dollar section and the file holder is from WalMart.

1. Cutest chair ever, also picked up at the Irvine flea market. I mean really, that stencil?Stop it.
2. Big wire basket from HomeGoods for her over sized papers.
3. The cool detail on the shelves I bought at a store I can't remember the name of. I know, blog fail.
4. Milk glass from the local antique store to hold some of her little goodies.

It feels so good to have this project done.
 And the best part?
She loves it!
That's all I wanted.



manthy said...

I am a loyal follower of your blog would you please follow my blog back

Lora said...

just perfect! :) my favorite part is that little dress. adorable!

christina said...

look at you!? I love it! Turned out great!!

Aly @ Blossom and Vine said...

oh my goodness. this is so lovely i can't stand it. i feel like i got to be part of the process, with the prints and the hangers and the chair [and sort of the desk?] :) yay! LOOOVE it!

BARBIE said...

Wow, so beautiful!

Liza said...

Your daughter is a lucky little girl. I would have loved to have such a beautiful work station as a child!