Monday, September 10, 2012

Cuppakim's Mug Swap - aka The Greatest Thing Ever

So somehow I missed the Mug Swap last year.
Obviously I wasn't going to let that happen again.
And it did not disappoint.

I sent some goodies to Joy.
I just loved this mug.
I hope it "pumps her up" every time she uses it.

Then I got a glorious package in the mail from one of my favorite people.
Miss Katy.

Cue the choir of angels singing.

I know, right?!
And yes, that's a little Starbuck's gift card tucked inside my mug. Don't be jealous, it's not attractive.

Now let's take a moment to talk about my new notebook...
Katy is trying to convince me to move on from Zac Efron because Bieber is where it's at.
I know Kim agrees with this theory and since this is her mug swap I want to respect her. 
But I just can't quit Zac.
{please try to ignore the bottom shelf, thank you}

I do promise to use my new notebook Katy.
I love you more than Zac Efron

Don't miss the next swap friends. 
Thanks Kim!!!



{cuppakim} said...

girl. i'm totally team zac. ;)
the lucky one? yeah.
i need to own that.
it's like owning zac.
or something like that. ;)

sooooo glad you joined in.
it wouldn't have been the same without you :)

Kelly said...

have you seen the lucky one? OhMyHeart.
love your loot.

stacey said...

oh my. that shot of zac. ha.

zac is way hotter then the biebs.

Lydia Geisendorfer said...

I'm with you, Zac will always trump Justin. Any. Day. Also sometimes I rewatch the first HSM just to relive the giggly first time my girlfriends and I laid eyes on him! :D

katygirl said...

Wow these people are all rude about justin.

Listen. I think you forgot to say that I searched for dayzzzz for zac stuff. That is all.

Nikki @ Saving For A Rainy Day said...

Both of those mugs are so cute. I'm always jealous of World Market stuff because we don't have one around here :(

I would love it if you checked out my swap I'm hosting :) Have around 15 participating so far.

Jess B said...

I'm with you on the Zac thing! Your post made me laugh out loud! (Thankfully my kids are sleeping so I didn't have to explain to my toddlers why Mummy was laughing...) Now I feel like watching High School Musical...

christina said... post is too funny!!!

Stephanie said...

I was just telling Lydia yesterday about your thing for Zac. too funny.
And for the record, if I had to choose, it would so be Zac. Sorry Katy. Unless of course you threw Jack in the mix. Well...

BARBIE said...

Oh your mug is so cute. I want to participate next year. How do I do that?