Tuesday, September 4, 2012

"we encourage" - Washington D.C. or Bust

I've been trying to think of ways to make my oldest feel special. 
As the oldest I know he sometimes feels unnoticed and that the weight of his responsibilities are heavy.

I've said this before on this blog...
"no more passive parenting".
What does he love? 
What will inspire him and make him light up?

It all comes back to US history. He's pretty much obsessed.
He reads books about historical figures, watches documentaries, anything he can get his hands on.
When he was in 1st grade he mentioned going to Washington DC.
Mostly because he wanted to see the White House {did I mention his other obsession? , US Presidents}.
I mumbled something about going the Summer before 5th grade because that's when he would study US history again in school.
Well guess what?
Next Summer is "the Summer".
The Summer before 5th grade.
First of all, when did that happen? How is it possible he is that old.
Second, he hasn't forgotten what I said about that trip.


We're making it happen.
This is our trip jar. Anyone who wants to can add money to save for this big adventure.
I have to tell you that as soon as I put out the jar J came out and put $21 in {everything she had}.
I said, "oh honey, you know only W is going on this trip right?"
Then she blows me away by saying, "I know. He's really excited so I want to help him go."
Ok, I might need a minute.

He is working so hard. He has done extra work around the house to earn money. He puts his allowance in and I'm giving up some things too so I can put as much cash as possible in our jar.

I'm so excited. I'm excited because he is just as interested in history as he was then.
I'm excited because we will get to spend a whole week together, just the two of us, seeing places he has always wanted to see.
I'm excited because I found something that would excite him, that will make him feel special.
I truly feel it's the trip of a lifetime for us and I can't wait.

What ways do you inspire your kids with the things they're passionate about?



hannah singer said...

love this, mama. perfect.
god is good, praying he grows you all as you look forward to this blessing of a d.c. trip! (it's a great place!)

Katie said...

what a great idea!

Kelly said...

jami. this is so great!

No(dot dot)el said...

Jami this is so awesome. I Love how you say, "no more passive parenting" and how you are in the pursuit of studying your child to find out what makes him tick. I think it is so amazing that your girl came out and put in all she had. Wow, what a testimony right there to some great parenting. As always, Thanks for the encouragement.

Eunora said...

Ahh! What a special idea! Something to plan and look forward to as well as enjoy fully when the time arrives.=)

Allison Petro said...

What a great idea. I often struggle with making my first born feel special too because she is the oldest by 5 years and we are expecting our third soon. She definitely bears more responsibility which feels unevenly distributed because my second born is a high maintenance 3 year old right now. You've inspired me to create a moment like this for her so she knows how special and valued she is. Oh and I must say that your daughter has such a Christ like heart. And I truly admire the way you raise your kids. You make me want to be a better Christian mama. God bless!!