Tuesday, January 1, 2013

 happy 2013 friends!
are you excited for the new year? i know i am.
we finished out 2012 with a very relaxing, and dare i say, smooth Christmas?

it was really special. nothing but a lot of time with family and friends. just the way i like it.
i felt especially grateful for these people. my parents, brother and his family.
we all actually like each other and have fun together.
it's basically awesome.

so moving on to the new year.
let's get one thing straight first...
i don't make resolutions.
mostly because i've always made unrealistic goals and set myself up for failure.
can i get an amen?
instead, i come up with basic ideas and areas that are important to me and figure out ways to nurture those areas.
the first area for me is prayer. we have some big questions to be answered this year and i will be praying with great expectation for what the Lord will show us.

my relationships with hubby and my kids. i want to be more intentional about having nights out with hubby and find ways to spend special time with each of my kids.
i'll be taking a sewing class with J and am still saving for a trip to washington d.c. with W.
my favorite activity is without a doubt reading. with 4 kids you can imagine how much time i have to do that. instead of coming up with a long list of books i'm going to read i've just chosen a few genres and authors that i would love to get to this year.

i want to blog more. i know what you're thinking..."how could you possibly blog more than once every 3 months?!"
i'm not setting a schedule for myself. i'm going to blog when i feel like it. when i'm inspired. and more than once every 3 months.

i plan to simplify as much of our lives as possible.
we began this process last year and i will continue to make changes so we can all focus on what's really important. my first order of business was not using capital letters in this post. one button to hit. or maybe i'm just lazy. the jury is still out.

it has also been on my heart to listen more. listen to what God is telling me and listen to the people around me. i'm surrounded by amazing people who are loving and wise and i want to learn as much as i can from them.
i have so many wonderful memories from last year and i plan on making many more this year.

thanks 2012, you were good to us.



Our Family of Four said...

Love these pics.. So glad you had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

karamurano said...

hey slacker.
i love you. i'm also anti capital letters.
can't wait to see you this month.
my resolution is to visit you and your hilarious awesome kids as much as i can.

Kelly said...

i've missed you. happy new year jami.