Monday, January 14, 2013


she is 8.
how is it possible?
i know we all feel that way as our kids get older.
j is such a joy to us.
she always has a lot to say. i mean, A LOT. this is where hubby would pop in and say she has a lot of words like her mother and i would be rolling my eyes.
she is funny, out going and confident.
more importantly she is compassionate, always roots for the little guy and loves the lord.

she loves to spend time with her siblings and most of the time she is very patient with them.
she is always carrying around some sort of note book and a pen.
she loves paper and pens and markers and highlighters. in this way, she definitely takes after me.
she does sweet things for me often.
the other day a friend was telling me about a radio station she thought i would enjoy. j heard me say "i need to remember that". within a few seconds she was standing next to me with a piece of paper. she handed it to me with a big smile.
she had written down all the information.
this served as a good reminder that she is ALWAYS listening {note to self} but i admire the way she thinks of others and acts.
it's a quality i wish i practiced more often.

i am grateful to God for the 8 years he has allowed me to be your mother. i am constantly amazed at your willingness to try new things without fear. i am proud of the heart you are developing for serving others and showing love to those around you. 
thank you for all the smiles, laughs, singing and creativity you bring to our home.
i'm looking forward with anticipation to what you will show me in the next 12 months and all the memories we will make.
i love you sweet girl.

obviously i still don't know how to use my camera without the flash but try to enjoy this picture anyway. such a rookie.


Mary said...

happy birthday to your precious girl! ;)
we partied it up today for henry, too! :)

BARBIE said...

Eight is such a fun age! My youngest daughter will turn 13 in June. Where does the time go?

Emily said...

what a little beauty, inside and out!

Esther said...

happy birthday jocelyn

also, jami, you're like a blogging fanatic. #isthisamerica?