Monday, January 21, 2013

a peek at our weekend

here's a little peek at our weekend.
it's super exciting and glamorous.
or maybe not. but it was a good one.

we went to see le mis on friday and of course it was amazing.
within 5 minutes hubby leans over and says, "wait, is this whole movie singing?!"
i tried really hard to control my giggles and was very happy that in the end, he loved the movie too.
also, please notice he took it old school with the white adidas.

it was finally nice enough to spend some time outside.
i know...i live in so cal and people think the weather is always good. but it has been fuh-reezing.
i despise being cold so we've been inside next to the fire place for awhile.
the good news is the kids are no longer flowers in the attic and are out getting some much needed vitamin d.

let's talk about the eddie munster hair. it has to go.
but that would require me getting my behind to the barber. not a priority.

the remote control car N got for christmas is a big hit.
 hours of fun. thanks grandma.

hubby is building a chicken coop. it's cute right?
i'll give details on this later but he has been working very hard and it's the best little coop i ever did see.
i think he's pretty cute too.

these are the days that make me love our back yard.
it's a good size so there's lots of room for the kids to run around and explore.
some days i want to lock the door behind them when they run out.
on this day i let them back in the house.

nothing really to say here except...
that face. love.

J spent time working on thank you notes from her birthday party.
she did a great job. we have more to do because she wanted to do "her best".
 it will take her 45 minutes to complete 3 notes. and that's ok. 
i want her to be better at this than i am.
taking the time to hand write a note or letter. to thank someone or just let them know she is thinking about them.
it's important.

we also had church and a dinner party. glamorous. i told you.
what did you do this weekend?
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Handbags*N*Pigtails said...

LOVE your coop! And we're big on thank you notes here too.
As I type this, its 12 pm and I'm still in my bathrobe-SO enjoying a day off from school! Im hoping to get some sewing done this afternoon once hubby goes to his parents' to start some kitchen demolition:)

Amber Enns said...

fuh-reezing eh?
come visit me today and you will experience what freezing is -47.2... yup! i forgot my lunch in my vehicle and now my salad is a soggy mess. i would love if you could send me some sunshine. :) have a great week.

Shannon Quigley said...

I live in ca too and your right the weather has been freezing! Glad you got outside, we did too :)
Your little doggy is so cute.

christina said...

we got about 2 mins into le mis and my hubs looked at me and said I can't do this. lol.

love the photos of your cuties!

hannah singer said...

totally glamorous!
your kids? cute to the max.
also, send me your dog.

Denise said...

i had a basset like yours growing up. sweetest.