Monday, January 28, 2013

cereal, lap tops & spelling bees

hey it's monday!
time for some random stuff.

let's start with this...
have you tried it?
i'm fairly certain i have an unhealthy addiction to it.
it's super sweet and yummy. which means i might eat it for breakfast or i might eat it at midnight, laying in bed.
you know, as a dessert {help me}.
i have also convinced myself that because it says "granola" it's healthy and good for me.
isn't that a rule of the universe or something?
granola is good for you.
anyway, try it. you won't be sorry.

let's talk computers.
see this dinosaur? i literally have no idea how long i have had it.
but i know it's a   long    time.
so i went window shopping for a lap top.
i realize a lap top is a luxury and not a necessity but hear me out.
when i open a new window in my browser i can actually hear the computer revving its engine.
or hard drive? what's the big box thing under my desk? whatever it is, it's loud...and slow.
this situation prompted me to go into best buy with my 2 youngest kids to look around.
there was a very friendly, helpful young man explaining the differences in price and memory {as if i knew what  any of that meant}. i'm sure he thought i was crazy because i had charlotte on my hip and every 10 seconds i was telling nathan to stay where I could see him. poor guy.
this is when he went it to close the sale hard.
"i am a traveling dj and i love this one. it holds everything i need. i would recommend you get that one."
bless his heart.
as i was wrangling my kids i thought, "really, that's what you thought would sell me? do i look like i'm going to be doing a lot of dj-ing?"
but he was sweet to put up with us, i have to give him credit.
so i'm dreaming of a macbook. we'll see what happens.

will represented his grade in the district spelling bee on friday.
doesn't he look thrilled?
i decided to send hubby to this event so i could stay with the other kids.
or it might have been because i was sick to my stomach just thinking about the pressure.
i knew he was nervous. he studied really hard.

and then got out on his first word.

of course it was a word he knew how to spell but he was so nervous he started it wrong and then corrected himself. apparently you aren't aloud to correct yourself. who knew?
hubby's feedback was "well, he didn't cry."
first. i'm obviously glad i was not the parent there because i might have cried.
do we ever get used to our kids being disappointed?
but more than that i am proud of him. he was nervous but he did it anyway.
he showed courage.
and sometimes our nerves just get the best of us.
he's got more guts than i ever had at his age.
you'll get em next time buddy.

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Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness...the spelling bee. That makes my knees weak just thinking about it. Will is so brave just to enter it!! And Bill's comment made me laugh out loud literally.

Also...This is my first time seeing my new button anywhere...I still am not sure about my face being plastered on it! lol I cringed when I saw it. Danielle and Nick both had to convince me...But thanks for swapping it out. I think! ;)

Meredith said...

Oh I devour a granola that has some chocolate pieces in it...sometimes with yogurt and sometimes just in a cup!

Crazy about the Spelling Bee. I loved those as a kid but watching my kid would be tummy somersault city! Glad you sent B to go watch.

For the computer--watch for never know!! : )

Simply Domestic said...

I asked for a laptop for Christmas, but then I told my husband nevermind, because I don't really need something that expensive. I consider it a luxury too! :) (I got one...and LOVE it!) Love the spelling me. It makes me nervous just thinking about it!

Esther said...

you make me feel better about my computer. i want a new one too. want to split it? shared custody.