Tuesday, January 8, 2013

mexico picture overload


i'm still amazed by what can be accomplished when you have the love of God and a lot of nails.
we came home from mexico yesterday, and i already miss it.
i don't miss the cold 5 minute showers or the constant dirt under my fingernails.
but i miss the experience that God allowed us to be a part of.
this was my 2nd trip and hubby's 4th.
i admit i wondered if this time would be as memorable as the 1st.
would i have the same feeling for the project? for the people?
the answer is now clear.
it will get better. every. time.


the opportunity to see my children work. work hard to improve the lives of other people. not because they would get some reward or to earn extra allowance, but because it's what God calls them to do.
i don't know if they fully grasp that yet. but i see the glimmer. i see the knowledge forming of the impact just a few days of hard work could have on another human being. the impact on the future of another family.
i pray we will continue to live out the command to "love our neighbors" so it will come naturally to our children for all of their days.

this is the beautiful family who received a new home. a new beginning. they worked hard along side of us. they shared their lives with us. and if that wasn't enough, estella made us homemade tortillas! hello! amazing!  i will never forget them.
they live in one of the poorest areas in mexico. they were living in a 3 wall room made of plywood. they had 1 mattress and a dirt floor.
they lived with so little and yet they held out hope.

and God provided.
and despite the fact they still have less in material wealth than i have ever had, their joy was overwhelming.
what a lesson for my family. a lesson in gratefulness.
what a privilege.
to be able to show the love of jesus in a tangible way. to people who truly need to see it.
thank you lord.

here are just a few of my favorite memories...

my people gettin things done.
we had time to just be together. no school, no activities and no errands. just time serving together.

little Oel spent a lot of time painting. he worked so hard to make it look just right. he took tremendous pride in his work.

Juan wasn't a lot of help, but c'mon, with that face what does he need to do really but just be cute?



i am so grateful for every moment. every moment with these people. my church family. my new family in mexico. every minute. i wouldn't change a thing.

God can make beautiful things. he can make them anywhere, out of anything. lifting my life out of the pit was only the first way he showed himself to me. this trip is just the latest of many examples of his faithfulness.

and just a bonus.
 this is guadalupe.
she wasn't related to any of the families we were building for, but everywhere we went, there she was. i couldn't be more in love with her.

now go do something good for someone else.

i tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.
matthew 25:40


hannah singer said...

god is good!!
what a gift, to serve as a family in this way.
love you and your heart for the KING.


Joy Kinard said...

Love this! I was soaking in every picture. I miss my Mexican friends! Thank you for sharing. And serving!

Alli B said...

Not only was it a joy to serve in Mexico but what a joy you are to serve with my dear friend, YOU are a blessing.

Amy said...

Love this!! I did that for several summers in high school, college, and after college. Always such a blessing...and I love that you're doing this with your kids...giving them God Eyes for the people of the world, and teaching them to serve others. Amazing!!

Mary said...

this is so wonderful.
God needs more servants and willing hearts like you and your family.

Amber Newberry said...

I love love love that you brought your littles with you. What amazing time to grow together as a family and closer to God.

{annie_loo} @ The Farrar Four said...

This is wonderful! Love that the kiddos were involved! It's so good to start them at an early age! What an amazing gift you've not only given to this family, but to your own by teaching them the act of serving others!

Bravo sister!!!!!!

kaylee@life chasers said...

This is so beautiful. I want to do this exact thing when our kids get a little older.