Saturday, February 23, 2013



i'm not sure how it's possible i have a 10 year old. 
but i do.
isn't he the cutest?
i might love him even more because he saw these little chocolate cakes at TJs and requested them for his birthday dessert. therefore rescuing me from doing any baking.

what can i say about my first born?
he is amazing. so compassionate. he feels things very deeply.
but he also cracks me up on a daily basis. do your kids tell you the latin root of words they see on billboards or sprinkle presidential facts into every day conversation?
no? that's weird.

his gifts included this fun old stamp book i found at Attic17, legos, candy, money for our trip to D.C. and that little wooden box is a calligraphy set. yes, a real calligraphy set. please pray i can keep the bottles of ink away from the little ones.

he must take after me a little because he really knows how to stretch out a birthday.
after celebrations at both grandparents' {is this the correct use of an apostsrophe? i hate that}we took a trip to disneyland.
thankfully we had help getting there or we might have had to take out a small loan.
have you been there lately??
CHA-CHING! shame on you disney.

i am blessed to be your momma. you are smart, funny, loving and all around interesting.
God made you just right and i couldn't be more proud of the young man you are becoming.
i love you.

and because sometimes friends just say it better...


Bekah Frisk said...

Aww! Happy Birthday to your little guy!

He sounds pretty rad to have such a unique taste in presents, in a world of DS..'s? hehe That's amazing!

And Disneyland?! Ah! I love it there so much, but oi the highway robbery from toys to churros...truly, shame Disney! ;0)

Emily said...

10!! wow! happy birthday sweet boy!