Thursday, February 28, 2013

this man

i am thankful for this man.

it's been a difficult couple of weeks.
my grandpa passed away.
 and the truth is, it has been harder than i expected.
in the midst of my heartache hubby has taken such great care of me.
he must be frustrated.
i've been laying on the couch, sleeping in more then i should, cooking less than i should,
and he's been picking up the slack.
but he hasn't said a word.
he isn't asking me questions, or making me talk about it.
he's just letting me be sad and loving me through it.
i'm thankful God has given me this man who reminds me everyday how much i am loved.
i know tomorrow is a fresh day and God's love and mercy will wash over me and i can begin again.
so today i am thankful for hubby's love, his patience and his ability to cook.

if your interested, i shared our love story over at Take Heart. go check it out. 

a punk, a pumpkin and a peanut


Mary said...

a Godly, understanding, loving-through-the-yuck husband is an amazing blessing.
so sorry for your loss.
i am so thankful for my honey, too.

tracy said...

so sorry to hear about your grandpa. i know how hard that is. loved reading your story this morning.

hannah singer said...

sweet sweet.

also, i am certainly interested in your amazing love story.

Amy said...

so sorry for your loss...that makes my heart hurt as we are quickly approaching the same kind of loss in our family. love hearing about your sweet sweet.

Emily said...

i'm so sorry about your grandfather. praise the Lord for men who stand by us in the hard seasons! hugs and prayers friend!! xo

Katy {and Kahler} said...

praying for you, love.
as a friend told me recently, "JOY is coming".

Melodee said...

sweet:) so nice to have a great hubby who is there for you...sorry to hear about your loss:(

christina said...

sorry for your loss :( sounds like you've got one really great husband though!

karamurano said...

heyyy bill. you're awesome! almost as awesome as jami ;)