Friday, May 24, 2013


it's the friday before a 3 day weekend! hallelujah!

here are a few peeks from my instagram this week. it was a good week.

this kid turned 5. which i was obviously thrilled about. i guess his excitement made up for my crying.

we had a fun filled but exhausting weekend. i could tell we all needed a free day to recharge. so we took one. everyone stayed home from school. we lounged on the couch, snacked and watched a lot of the justice league. it was a great day. i did make them clean their rooms later in the afternoon so we were complete slackers.

we made a little trip to the mall where they played with the super cool hand dryers. charlotte most definitely reminded me of an 80s music video. hair blowing, singing loud and proud.

will's cub scout honor court was this week. he joined cub scouts half way through the year and absolutely loves it. it's such a great time for hubby and him.

yesterday my 2 little ones were soooo quiet. and because i'm a mom, naturally that makes me nervous. but there was no mischief! just a lot of quiet play. miracles never cease.

i try to get up every morning before the kids have to be up. key word there is "try". but the quiet time makes all the difference in my day. please help me remember that next time i don't want to get my bootie out of bed.

have a great holiday weekend everyone!

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Candace said...

Stopping by from the link-up! Have a great weekend! You have such lovely kiddos!

Amy K said...

I love the quiet play time. It's rare, but sometimes it happens and when it does it's glorious!

christina said...

love this! so funny about the silence lol and so true ... silence usually means something is up in our house :)

Ashley said...

Ha! Love the hand drying picture! Those would totally fascinate my kids : )