Thursday, May 16, 2013

thankful: some small ways God shows up big

i'm thankful for the small reminders of God's faithfulness and the reminders of encouragement that are sprinkled through my home. i need them daily.


i'm thankful for friends who know me well. my dream is to have a van like this someday. for now, i'm glad i have this to stare at.

i'm thankful hubby has a green thumb. for real. he does all the planting, gardening & maintenance. i try to help sometimes {emphasis on the "sometimes"} but honestly, i have no idea what i'm doing. but i know it's all pretty.

 and we can eat some of it. thanks honey.

i know you are not going to feel bad for me about anything weather related since i live in southern cali. so i will just say i'm thankful for a little spring weather. time to spend all day outside.

you know, before it's 110 degrees and we have to lock ourselves in the house with the air conditioning on and the curtains closed.

and i'm a little thankful this one likes to be fancy and play in the dirt all at the same time.

linking up with my sweetie pie carina today. what are you thankful for?

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Anonymous said...

You are too cute! Loving those reminders around your house - how fabulous! (Cara, who's been admiring you from Carina's site for awhile)

Handbags*N*Pigtails said...

Oh please tell me where that VW van is from. We're gearing up to get ready for our RV camping trip with the girls this summer after we return from our own missions trip.
Im praying for your hubby as he preps for his trip as well.

christina said...

so cute she played in the dirt with girly shoes. :)

we had those days last summer. hot. hot. hot. yuck to above 100 ... stay cool! ;)

carina lee said...

can you send bill over? our yard is ridic.

p.s. i love you!